Why Heart & Hustle?

  • Experienced Coaches​​ – Our knowledgeable, experienced and caring Coaches meet you on the gym floor with the ‘Workout Of the Day’ – there’s no need to think about what to do to workout, we’ve got you covered. Our awesome Coaches (or Ninjas as we refer to them) get to know you, help you set goals and reach new peaks!
  • Community – ​​It’s the feeling of Community and Fun that will keep you coming back. From our members to our ​Ninjas​, you will be treated with kindness and encouragement. We understand that self-motivation can be difficult, especially when it come to exercise and attaining your fitness goals. It’s the community here that helps to overcome that struggle and will keep you coming back for the best hour of your day!
  • Workout Scaled to You!​​ – We are all about customization – No matter your starting point, we will meet you there and give you a workout that suits YOUR needs.
  • Functional Fitness – ​​We believe in functional fitness, which is preparing your muscles for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports.

Brampton's family focused CrossFit gym.



Working out in the park with Brandon and his team has been fun! I was able to challenge myself within a supportive community. Brandon wants everyone to achieve their fitness goals.

~ Nicki

I decided to give CrossFit and Heart&Hustle a try, and I’m super glad I did!

~ Jeff

From day one Brandon and the H&H crew have made me feel like family. A killer workout with great people – it’s impossible not to love!

~ Eleanor
Jaipaul Massey-Singh

Whenever my motivation during workout is down I know I can count on the community at Heart & Hustle for inspiration and energy!

~ @jaipunk