This would be a routine that helps you to improve the mechanics of the movements.  There are lots of great exercises out there, but you are not going to fully benefit from them if you don’t know how to do them.  So a huge part of finding the best daily core routine is finding a professional coach or instructor who specializes in Functional movements.   A strong core is an essential component of every movement. A strong stable core helps us to move better, safer, and will keep us going for longer. 

CrossFit is the perfect example of a daily exercise routine that has a massive focus on developing you core strength.  There are many parts to CrossFit so, lets talk about a few of them. 

The main one that most
are aware of is weightlifting.  At Heart
and Hustle our athletes are taught proper form in a one on one setting.  This help to give the attention where it is
needed and out a high value on safety. 
What our athletes learn is through each lift is that they need to brace
their core in order to find its proper positioning.  In gymnastics skills we teach the hollow body
hold and arch’s (also known as supermans), 2 exercises that are all about
building core strength and developing proper technique through the gymnastic
movements.  An over all of what members
are taught is that they need to brace their core, and not just while they
exercise but as they move through life. 
And the best method to ensure that this is done and done properly is to
have an instructor keeping an eye on you helping to hold you accountable. 

So get a great coach,
CrossFit gyms all around the world have great consistency with well above
average coaching. And by starting to incorporate gymnastics movements into your
routine.   This will help to develop a
strong core that will be transferable to every aspect of your life.

There are 2 main
exercises you need to work on here;

  • The hollow body hold – find your max hold, then cut that time in
    half (example: max hold is 1 minute, half is 30 seconds)  then do 4-6 sets of 30 second hollow body
  • Superman’s (or arch’s) – perform 5 sets of 20- 30 superman’s ensuring
    your holding for 1 second at the top of the hold,  rest 45 sec in-between sets

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