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Can you Maintain a ripped muscular physique with out steroids?

Is it possible for the average person to maintain a ripped muscular physique year-round without the use of steroids?

Like most things in life, perception is everything.  We all would love to have a perfect physique (this means different things to different folks) and be able to maintain it year round.   And you may have been told that by using steroids you will be able to achieve this.   

Im here to tell you that its simply not true.  Steroids aren’t going to give you the perfect body you’ve always wanted, but they will do a plenty for you.

They will bring on symptoms such as hair loss, acne, liver and kidney disease, heart disease, depression, altered mood, aggression, a false perception of reality, and they will become draining on your mental well being.  

There are 2 main things one needs to do to maintain a healthy body.  

Consistency, and Nutrition.

You have to have consistency with going to the gym, and your nutrition needs to be dialled in.  

If its an incredible muscular physique your after like the models in the physique competitions, its going to be very challenging to maintain that year round.   First off they are extremely disciplined with their diets, not having any “cheat days”, their diets are bland and are used to promote their training.  In the weeks right before an event these physique competitors will start to starve them selves for a lack of better words, take pills to help dehydrate their body to help their muscles pop during competition.  

Its a very unhealthy lifestyle for a few minutes of fame.  After the competition it goes away, because most aren’t disciplined enough to keep up the diet that contributes to what they were trying to achieve for their show.   Its all for vanity and it isn’t healthy.  Many physique competitors and body builder develop eating disorders as a result of their training and nutrition

To maintain an incredible physique, you need to hit the gym consistently, 4-6 days a week and be disciplined with your diet.   The best ways to do this are to find accountability in both of these areas.   Micro gyms like fitness are great for this.  They offer community and programs that support you with consistency in the gym and you getting the body you’ve always wanted.

And far as nutrition goes, you get out what you put in.  Its hard to know what to eat in todays world.  Theres too many diets, fads, magic pills.   Seek the help of a professional dietitian.  They will help you find your own path.  This will be one of the best investments you ever make.  If you want to be the healthiest you can for as long as you can you need to dial in your nutrition, its the foundation for fitness

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