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Change doesn’t happen over night

We want it all and we want in now, and there are lots of things that we can get whenever we want.  This just isn’t true for everything in life as some of the most valuable things in life take time.  A relationship takes time to grow, our food takes time to grow and we need time to discover and learn.  Time is always on our side if we are patient enough. 


When we rush through life, we usually end up missing a few lessons along the way.  Each failure has its place, failure isn’t there to make you sad or upset, it’s one of the most valuable lesson life can give you.  Failure is there to teach you and to educate you.   Sometimes we need to take a deep look into why we failed so that we can work to overcome the failure.

As a gym owner I have heard every excuse in the book as to why the gym or a diet hasn’t worked.  And the one correlation between all of them is time.  We want results and we want them now, so when the diet or the gym doesn’t work it isn’t due to the gym, it’s due to the time we didn’t put in.  A child doesn’t just become an adult overnight, it takes time for the child to grow into an adult.


We all live different lifestyles depending on our culture, our families, our hobbies, the place where you live etc.  If you grew up in a very active household, playing sports and good eating habits then there is a good change you live a fairly healthy lifestyle. 

The opposite is also true, if you were raised in a household that wasn’t very active and food came out of a box or fryer, there is a good chance that your lifestyle might not be so healthy. 

You know where you fit in, and in either situation you can always improve.  If a healthier lifestyle is something that you want for your life, you must be patient, and you must give it time to work.   Living a healthier life CAN happen overnight, but changing your lifestyle takes time.  Let me clear things up for you

If you eat more vegetables today than you were eating yesterday, then you just made healthier choices overnight.  But if you decide to never eat vegetables again than your lifestyle hasn’t changed.

If your able to put in the time over weeks, months and into years of eating more vegetables then you are starting to change your lifestyle.  Your habits around food are becoming healthier and change is occurring.

People come us in hopes of weight loss and building muscles, what they are in need of is a lifestyle change.  If you are not committed to changing your lifestyle it’s going to be very difficult to achieve your goals.  Any health and fitness goal need time to develop.  Months and years need to be dedicated to this change in order for you to change your lifestyle.

Habits are difficult to develop, we know we should change, we just don’t know how or why.  A member of ours used to live a very unhealthy lifestyle.  We was overweight, he didn’t exercise and never paid attention to what he ate.  Then he had a Heart attack at 34 years old.  This shocked his beliefs and scared the crap out of him.  He knew we wanted more out of life, and now he had a reason to change.  His reason: He wanted to live!    

He knew if he kept going down the path that he was on he wouldn’t be alive for too long, so he chose life. 

It took over a year for him to develop a love for the exercise.  But he did, he woke up each day knowing why he needed to exercise, and he invested his time in himself.  Now he’s happier and healthier than he has ever been. 

He took the time to change his life, it wasn’t easy, but it was necessary for him be able to life a healthy lifestyle.

Take the chance in you, invest in you, and be patient.  Change doesn’t happen overnight; change is made up of a thousand tiny choices. 

What do will you choose to do with your time? At Heart and Hustle Fitness specialize in coaching, and we help to coach our members through life. If your looking for change, we can help make it happen.


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