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Why is consistency so hard?

Its hard to be consistent when starting something new.  

We have all been there, trying to eat better, exercise, read more.  .. .. you get the point.  New things usually start off great and fall off fast.   A week or two of great consistency and then it becomes harder and harder to stick with it.  

Why does this always happen?

Its like running a marathon and starting out running as fast as you possibly can.   You can only run all out for so long, and then the lactic acid in your muscles starts to build and your legs start screaming at you “you’ve done too much!!!”   and your body shuts them down, sorry legs but your done.   

Too often this is what its like to start a new adventure, whatever it might be.   We start too hard and too fast because we want the end result.  But then we burn out before we even get to the goal.  

Why does this happen?

The goal has been created but the habit of doing what needs to get done hasn’t been created.   Its the habits that will get us to achieving our goals.  A goal is usually something new we are trying to implement into our lives. By trying to go from 0-100 over night causes burn out.   We forget about, or don’t realize all the small habits that will be needed in order to accomplish this new goal. So the small habits don’t get created because the focus if on the goal (end result) and not on the moment ( creating new habits)

When we learn to walk we don’t just stand up one day and go for a walk around the block.  We start out with having to figure out that we even have feet, next how to move those feet.  From here months later we have developed some core muscles and have began holding our heads up and siting up on our own.  After we have started to become vertical, sitting on our own our parents throw us back to the earth laying on the ground. This time on our tummies and we must think to ourselves, why am I going backwards? I’ve been making so much progress.  But little do we know, now on our tummies we develop more strength in our core and upper bodies.  Once we can push our bodies off the ground we begin crawling and sitting by ourselves.   At this point we are months from where we started. One small thing at a time done consistently and habitually has gotten us to this point.  And only now that we have developed the coordination, strength, and confidence can the next phase (Walking) begin.  All of these step needed to take place.  Have you ever seen a newborn walk?  

I know new borns don’t come up with a goal and say “ hey ma, my goal is to walk”  but I think you get my point.    

Consistency is the key to achieving a goal, and habits are what make things consistent.  As babies we do the same things at the same times everyday.  And then, once instilled we move onto the next.  

Try using the 2 minute rule.   When your trying to create a new habit start by doing the HABIT for just 2 minutes.

So if your goal is to read more a habit of reading needs to be created.

If you start by reading for just 2 minutes a day, in the same place and at the same time each day, your success rate will skyrocket.   For the first few weeks start with reading for 2 minutes, this lays a solid foundation for one to become a life long reader.  

Now a few weeks in you will start to increase your time reading.   But the hard part has been set.  And if you begin to fall off, you just start back with the 2 minute rule.  

We all have 2 minutes to dedicate to starting whatever that “New Thing” is we have always wanted to do.   

If you don’t start, it will never happen    .. …    and if you can’t keep it going, it will never become complete

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