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Creating space

Space is an exciting concept to think about as we move our bodies through life.  For us to maintain a center of mass with safe body positioning, we have to understand how we are creating space.  While some movements demand creating space, others require the space to be filled.

I want to get you thinking about how your body deals with space while you exercise.  Most times, we like to believe that we need to become more flexible to get into a better position, like a full depth squat, with a vertical torso.   In most cases, it isn’t an issue of flexibility; the problem is around coordination and balance.  Your body hasn’t yet discovered how to get into a full-depth squat without falling over or hinging at your hips.   


You must work to create space in your squat.  This fundamental movement is used throughout the day, and most don’t know how to do it properly. The space in your squat comes between your knees.  You must allow your knees to spread out, tracking over your toes; this gives the body the space it needs to lower itself into position. 

Olympic lifts

The Clean and Jerk and the Snatch are two movements that require the space to be taken away.  The barbell needs to be kept close to the body to maintain a center of mass.  Gravity tries to pull the bar out, and it’s our job to keep in close.  Understanding how to engage your lat’s through the pull ensures that the barbell stays close, helping to achieve a successful life. 

These are just a few movements, but they should get you thinking about how to manage space while you exercise.  The better understanding you have of space, the safer you will be.  And Safety in the gym leads to faster weight loss, stronger muscles, better results. 

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