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Death doesn’t have to be sad

On October 14, 2020, my Grandfather passed away.  This IS my Bright spot for this week.  I’m not happy that I don’t get to see him anymore.  I’m happy for many reasons; he doesn’t have to suffer anymore, he is now with his son, and I believe he is with my Grandmother.  He spent the last 5 years in a home confined to a wheelchair; it wasn’t easy to watch. 

At first, I cried, but I was overwhelmed with happiness very quickly as I began to reflect on our time together.  As I start to tell his story to my children, I keep unveiling lessons from my grandparents. 

He passes in his sleep beside the women he has loved for over 70 years.  My Grandmother has dementia; on the surface, it seems that she doesn’t even realize that Gramps is gone.  But maybe they are already together?   As my Grandfather’s body started to decline, and it happened at a rapid rate, he held on to something bigger than himself; he held onto love.  Gramps’ goal in life had always been to love his wife above all; he did that until his last breath. 

The love and energy he put into his relationship as a young man allowed him to continue to love as he aged, and even though he couldn’t walk, he chose love.  He decided to sit by my Grandmother, in her state of dementia, not even really talking to him.  He decided to love her with all his heart. 

“Love conquers All”

When you lead with love, you win every time.  Start with YOU, start loving yourself for who you are; only then will you be able to love those around you fully and completely!

The greatest lesson my Grandparents taught me was love, love yourself so that you can love others!


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