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Why Diets don’t work

Diets, they don’t work, at least not in the manner in which most are trying to use them.  For tens of thousands of year humans have had a variety of diets.  The variety came from the region in which they lived and what was available to them. Their diets had one intended purpose; survival. 

How we miss use the word

In our society today we believe that in order to lose weight we need to, “GO ON A DIET”.  That short little saying sets you up for failure right from the beginning.  Because before you even start your new DIET you’re already thinking about the end, how much weight you’ll lose and what meal you are going to have when the diet is over.  It’s a recipe for disaster (see what I did there), you get ON it just to get OFF of it.    

Here is another perspective of the word DIET

Let’s take a chimpanzee, humans closet living relative.  When you talk about a chimpanzee diet, a list of foods come up, plants, insects, seeds ,honey, meat etc.  The thing that doesn’t come up, is a list of diets

Animals live off of a diet that consists of what It needs to survive and Humans go On diets to try to lose weight, big difference.

The act dieting to lose weight does not work, how many diets have you tried? 1,4, 10, for some it’s a long list.  If you have tried a diet to lose weight more than once, then It simply does not work.  You may have lost some weight temporarily, but if you had to go try another diet, even the same one again, then guess what, it didn’t work.

Marketers and advertisers over the last 50+ years have taken the word that describes what we eat and have transformed it into a word that represents disease and disorders. 

The good the bad and the ugly

A diet needs to fuel your body.  The food we eat keeps us alive, nourishes our minds and body and it keeps us healthy; our diet is responsible for our survival.  

With a poor diet survival is much more difficult, a poor diet requires pills and medicine to survive.  A poor diet slowly kills us, it strips away our freedoms, breaks down our bodies and weighs heavily on our emotions and mental health.  Two of the leading killers, heart disease and diabetes are directly related to our diets.  There can be hereditary links as well, which may stem from generations of poor lifestyle and dietary choices.  The point here is that with a healthy diet these diseases and be prevented. 

If you owned a Ferrari, chances are you would put the premium gasoline into the tank, It’s a high performance vehicle and you want it to perform. 

So why do we treat our bodies so poorly?  Most humans don’t treat their bodies like Ferrari’s, they treat them like an old rusted out piece of junk, throwing anything in the tanks that will barely keep it moving.  Over time the car breaks down due to the lack of maintenance, love and care.

A 2018 study showed that over 63% of Canadians over the age of 18 have an increased health risk due to excess weight.  This number only continues to rise and sad part of it all is that most of the weight and obesity issues we face can be managed with diet.  We are eating ourselves to death and we don’t even seem to care.

What to do about Diet

The first step is awareness, becoming aware of what our diet is supposed to be doing for us will bring a whole new meaning to the word and how we use it.  Once we understand our diets purpose, only then can we begin to adapt our diet for its intended use.  We must work towards changing our diets, which is much different than going on a diet.  We must give our bodies and mind the fuel they needs in order to live meaningful healthy lives. 

Changing one’s diet needs to be everlasting and sustainable.  It’s about creating positive habits around food and choosing the foods that will support the life you want to be living.  We choose too often to eat for taste and not for life.   The food industry packs sugar into every corner of our food because they know this and they know how to sell you food. 

We need to be better; when we eat for life, we can live better, live longer, live happier and live healthier.

“Put the good in, get the good out”  Brian Buffini

Let us know how we can help you change your diet, and get you living your best day every day!

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