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Does Growth always have to come from pain?

Out of Chaos comes order; I’m sure you have heard this before.  While in the middle of chaos, it can be challenging to see any kind of order.  This statement is usually related to significant events, a natural disaster, a revolution, war, pandemic.  However, this statement runs through most of what we do in life.  Think about your workout, warm-up, strength, WOD, and then…  order.  We go through chaos to order; order is the feel-goods at the end of a workout.


It’s a part of life.  Failure teaches us; it exposes our weaknesses and presents us with opportunities.  Failure is part of the growth journey; it’s part of the pain.   As we are in the middle of a challenging workout, it can be painful, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  In the end, you are rewarded with a rush of endorphins, feel-good chemicals, and the order come in knowing that you just did a positive thing for your mind, body and spirit. 


With anything new we learn, there is a period of development and understanding, and there is a desire to keep improving on that skill, whatever it may be.  We go through life with limits, and these limits are what hold us back from achieving our dreams.  The reason Growth can be painful is because as we push through these limits, our belief systems become challenged.   We lived up until this moment, being told one thing, and as we learn and grow, we start to question our beliefs.  Those around us may not understand, they challenge our new ideas, and it’s hard to deal with the mental and social pressure of this newfound growth. 

Whether it’s in the gym, your personal life, business or career, as you grow, you will have to let go of some of the old beliefs to move onto the new.  The pain is worth the journey because it always brings order, and it’s the order (your DREAM) that you were always after. 

So simply put, Pain = Growth; pain is part of the journey; it’s a good thing!  

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