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Quarantine week 10, how’s it going?

We are currently in week 10 of quarantine.  WEEK 10, who would have thought that it would last this long?  

We have all gone through ups and downs, we’ve had our share of good days and bad.  Stress is on a rise, at first we were managing the kids going stir crazy, now we are trying to manage ourselves from going stir crazy.  The eating is up, late nights, drinking more than usual.  And the mental game, less social interaction, confined to the house and you can’t even hug your friends.   

Life before COVID

Let’s take a look at what life was back before COVID. 

Life was busy; work, school, kids going in every direction, having to manage relationships, trying to keep up with the jones, whoever they are.  We had stress then too.

If you took a minute to look back, how would your stress from before COVID compare to your stress of today?  I’m sure it may feel different and there is a good chance it comes from a different place but it’s still there.  

It is the same, better, worse? 

We are living in uncertain times and these times have brought on new stresses about the “unknown”.  

Before COVID how were you dealing with that stress?  If you were coming to Heart and Hustle  then you know your answer.  You were using our coaching through exercise to help alleviate and divert that stress away.  If you were at any other gym or fitness centre, you know your answer. 

Each day you were becoming the best version of yourself, you had a routine and you knew what helped get you into a great space;  Fitness

After COVID 

I hate to break it to you, but we will be living with this forever… ..

I don’t mean that COVID will be here forever, but the effects of it will be.  What we do today will shape our world tomorrow.  There is no after COVID.  There is only NOW.  Now you have a choice;  You can wait for something to return to “normal”.  Or you can take action now to start to recreate those feelings you once had.  Those feelings that your old routine brought about can be recreated wherever you are.  

The old is out, and the new is in, so what are you going to do about it?

Feel like Groundhog day !

What are you going to do about your current situation. How are you going to get back to where you were, when you can’t yet go back to where you want to be?  

We moved our coaching online because we knew it would help get us through.  One of the biggest things that has been taken away from us is the ability to just get up and go.   There aren’t too many places to go and you may not even want to go there.  

That’s why we’ve brought the training to you, same great coaches, new at home programming with the push and accountability we need to get the results you want.  

In the last 10 weeks it has felt like groundhog day, doing the same thing over and over again.  If that same routine has you moving in a direction that you don’t want to be headed.  Then just let us know how we can help you out.  admin@heartandhustle.fit 

It is what it is

This is where we are at, and even as society starts to slowly open back up.  We will be controlled by restriction and new social norms for months to come.  

We aren’t going back, we’re moving ahead.   

It’s time to ask yourself, “how do I want to move forward from here?”  

The single best preventative measure you can take against COVID is improving your health and fitness.  Nutrition and Fitness are proven methods to building a strong immune system.   The healthier you are the better your body is at fighting against infection and disease.  

There has never been a better time to start eating well and taking care of your body.  As we watch thousands of people become sick and die around the world, we see masks become the new fashion trend and hand sanitizer the new makeup.  We are understanding that this isn’t going away any time soon, so how are we going to live with it?

Businesses and schools won’t be closed forever, social interaction is just on a brief hold, it’s not gone.

What’s your long term strategy for having you and your families live alongside COVID?

We are here to help get you on track with your health and wellness.  Let’s find a plan to keep safe and fight against COVID.

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