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Food doesn’t need to taste good

There’s a misconception about how food needs to taste good.  I’m sure most of you who are reading this are shaking your head as we all love good food because its delicious. Delicious is good, but food also needs to be good for you.

Over the last few decades big food companies have taken a deep dive into the science of food.  Not from a dietitian’s viewpoint regarding the health benefits, but rather from a marketer’s point of view on how to sell it.  They have locked in on how certain types of food trigger our taste buds and get us addicted. 

Today our food is loaded with sodium and sugar so that it tastes good.  This is done both for taste and of keep us hooked.  We naturally gravitate to foods that taste good, the problem isn’t that the food tastes good, the problem is that most of the food these big companies are selling isn’t good for you.

Whats the point of food?

 What is the point of food?  Is it pleasure, is it survival, how about creativity? 

Most of you reading this post have never experienced starvation, myself included.  This is one of the luxuries we have as Canadians, we can get food almost anywhere.  There are grocery stores and food banks all over the place, I’m not saying that their aren’t those who are going to bed hungry, because there are.  In comparison to third world poverty, Canadians aren’t starving like some people around the globe are.

Our focus on food has been turned to taste and artistry.  When your starving, artistry and taste are the last thing on your mind, food is all you want. 

Food is designed for survival, we NEED to eat.  IF you don’t you’ll become weak, your mind becomes foggy and your energy levels start to disappear.   You need food to survive.

Does it have to taste good?

Its wonderful when our good tastes good, and we should count our blessings everyday that we live in a world that this is possible.  Humans have and will always be creative creatures.  But too often we turn away from what we need out of our food and we let our taste bud take over.

Here is something to remember:


As adults our parents aren’t there anymore to tell us to eat our vegetables, and if we don’t like something we don’t eat it.  This doesn’t always serve us well though.  There are all kinds of nutritious foods that may not suit your taste buds, but they do amazing things for your body.

If something is good for your body, good for your mind, makes you feel good, boosts your energy and your immune system, would you eat it?  Sounds awesome right, why would you turn it away?

We do it all the time with our food and we turn it away because we don’t like how something tastes.  We choose taste over health all the time, and we wonder why we don’t feel good.

Food is fuel

Start thinking as your food as fuel, just like the fuel in your car.  You wouldn’t put diesel into a gasoline engine, it wouldn’t work too well, and you wouldn’t put the low grade in gas in a Ferrari, only the best will do. 

Start treating your body like a Ferrari, put the good in if you want to get the good out.

The food you eat needs to support your lifestyle, and regardless of your lifestyle everyone wants to feel good.   

Give your body and mind the fuel it needs to help your life your best life.  We understand that food can be challenging, let us help teach you some healthy habit around the fuel you need. Heart and Hustle


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