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The Holiday Rush, Did you lose something?

Did you lose something?

Did you lose something? or is it right in front of you?

Don’t get lost in the stress, $$, and rush of the holidays and the year end.  It can feel as if the love gets lost, but is it?

Its that wonderful time of year, full of festivities, parties, holidays, traditions and love.  We make an effort to spend a little extra time with our loved ones.  Its a time in our year where we get to stop and think about those around us, not just about who they are but HOW they made us feel.  

That all leads to giving, this time of year sparks a little light in each of us to give something back, to help a stranger and to give love.  Weather its a hug, a smile, a donation, or a gift of some sort to those we love and to those we don’t even know.  Just read back, theres a lot of awesomeness that happens at the years end.  

Hold on to it, feel it and live it.  Its part of life!  We usually feel depressed about how much food we ate, lack of sleep, or not getting to the gym as much.  

THIS IS LIFE!!  enjoy it for ALL its worth.  Go soak up your family and friends, open your hearts to strangers, have the drinks, feast as if its….   … .it..  umm,  as if its the holidays?    

You are all rockstars at routine, weather you know it our not, you have one and you stick to it. With disruptions in work due to the holidays and family gatherings our routines get thrown off a little.  Its all good, don’t beat yourself up over it.

My advise to you over the holidays is to keep feeling the love, its not hard to find, Its Everywhere.  

In your homes, in your thoughts, its in the food we prepare, in the gifts we make, in the gifts we purchase, its all over our children, in the community WODs at the gym, Santa for seniors, peanut butter drive, its your friends, your favourite Christmas sweater, you get the point all you have to do is look for it, its right there in front of you.   

Feel the love and enjoy this special time of year.  Remember, we eat some food, shower our loved one with gifts of love, and have some well deserved time off of or work.  December happens but once a year, live it up. 

 Go do what makes you happy so you can be at your best for those around you.  If your doing what makes you happy you’ll be better for it.  

Ill see you at the gym! one of my many happy places

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


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