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3 ways to improve your health now!

We have an opportunity to take back our health, with our without our gyms.  We have been forced to step out of our normal, so let’s do it on our terms; we help others by helping ourselves first.

3 things you can do NOW to improve your health

  • Get outside –  You will spend more time inside than outside this time of year, and being inside is a massive contributor to depression.  Start with 30 min outdoors, that’s it.  Go for a walk or play in the snow with your kids.  You also need the sun, so go get some of the vitamin D,

  • Get cold – All you have to do is go outside without a coat.  I know it seems crazy, but it’s only for a small amount of time.  Think about it; there are 1440 minutes in a day. Could you spend just 2 of them exposed to the cold?  I think so; it’s not going to kill you; it is making you stronger.  
    • Exposure to the cold increases norepinephrine release, helping to increase your focus, mood, and attention.  Exposure to extremes hot or cold do wonders for your autonomic nervous system, helping to keep you healthy

  • Eat Real food – I’ll keep this simple; stay away from the grocery store’s middle isles; this is where all the processed foods are (avoid these as much as possible).  The more whole foods, fruit and vegetables, meats, nuts and seeds you eat, the better.  You are what you eat; eat healthily, be healthy!

It’s not all about being comfortable; it’s about being healthy.  The more you work on prioritizing your health, the easier it becomes.   Think of a baby trying to walk, they spend 1-2 years trying to figure out how to walk, and they never really complain.  They put in the hard work NOW to get the benefits of it later. 

We are getting through this, and I’m happy that we are doing it together. 


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