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How to Dad?

When I became a parent, I was gifted the book – How to Dad , by my father in-law.  It’s a fun book from the 80’s filled with fun activities, games, pranks and crafts you can do with your kids.  We often pick it up and read through it, sometimes for ideas but mostly for the cartoons and sentiment.   Most books we have that we no longer read we will give away to someone who will benefit from them.   I will hold on to this book until my children have children, for me it’s a constant reminder of what I’m doing and how I’m living.

The Best Version of Myself

Our vision at Heart and Hustle is for each member to become the best version of themselves, so when I have questions about my parenting, I usually look to my biggest influencer, my parents.  Now I’m extremely fortunate to have such incredible parents and in-law.  Regardless of your upbringing, because now parent is perfect, there are lessons to be learned.  The reason I love this book so much is because my father in-law taught me some very valuable lessons in life, and this book constantly reminds me of them.  He worked hard and plays even harder all while being a compassionate human working to help those around him, starting with his children.   When I skim through this book, I see Garry playing with my children teaching them all of its lessons.  My parents, all four of them have taught me the value of family, and the value of leading by example. 

They are always watching

Are you working to help your kids be the very best they can be, helping them find their full potential and wanting them to be able to live a life full of love and happiness?  Hell I am, that sounds pretty damn good.   If you are wanting all of this and more for your children, then I have a question for you.

Are you helping yourself be the very best you can be, helping to discover your full potential and living a life full of love and happiness?

I know that I wasn’t living up to what I was putting out of my mouth, I needed to start taking action. So, I started on a journey to design the life that I had always wanted to live.   When my daughter was born, I started telling her that she could be whatever she wanted to be.   When those word first came out of my mouth, I realized that I wasn’t doing that.  So instead of just living, I started chasing.  I began investing in me and I started to chase my dreams.  If I was going to tell me kids that they COULD live their dreams, then I need to lead by example. 

How are you leading by example?

Does your lifestyle support your dream?

What are you doing each day to get you one step closer to living your dreams?

If you are like me then you want the best for your children, don’t just tell them what to do, get up and show them how to do it.  Children have never been very good at listening to their parents but they have never failed to imitate them –  James Baldwin

Heart and Hustle is filled with parents who are out to become the best version of themselves, and our little ninjas program is proof that it’s all working!  Our children are watching their parents become healthier by the day, its only up from here!


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