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How do I get Back to the gym after COVID?

The last few months have been challenging to say the least.  For some, our fitness has taken a seat on the couch.  The stresses of COVID have been overwhelming and with so much uncertainty and change happening, fitness wasn’t on the top of the priority list.   Our daily routines were turned upside down, and life got thrown in every direction. 

Now with society starting to open back up we are again faced with more uncertainty, challenges and decisions to make.   We have spent the last 3 months at home without our friends, some family and without the norms of society.  Now we want to go back to it all, but we just aren’t sure how.

How to get back

Heart and Hustle is more than just a gym our members don’t just come here to use our equipment, they come to us to get coached and be a part of an incredible community.  Most of our members call H&H their home away from home.  For some it’s been challenging to keep up with their fitness.  And now with the fear that’s been instilled due to Covid, we are all faced with yet another decision; when can I go back to the gym?  I wish I had a clear answer,  We have started doing personal training,  It’s a step in the right direction and you can always send us a message to get set up.  Full operation however is still on pause.  The end is near, and we want you to be ready for our re-opening, we are.

Cleaner than Covid

  We understand that you have some reservations, so do we.  We gone to extreme lengths to ensure that the facility will be operating in the safest manner possible.  We have divided the gym into 10 separate workout stations where each person with have up to 10 feet of distance between another member (more than the 6ft rule).  We have provided each station with its own cleaning supplies and equipment, and all our equipment and touch points will be cleaned between each class.  There is more than enough distance and its cleaner than your grandmas house.


Upon entry all members will be required to remove their outside shoes in an effort to stop the spread, they will then sanitize their hands and the coach will guide them through a Covid screening process.   If any member has had any exposure to Covid they won’t be allowed to enter the class and kindly be wished a speedy recovery would not be allowed to enter the class.

Before each class all the touch points, both inside and out will be cleaned and ready for the next class.  We have eliminated our day cubbies for the time being, each member will bring their belongings with them to their workout station.  

You can have faith in our team that the building is clean!!

What we offer

We have always offered a friendly, safe environment and we will continue to do so even if we have to do it from a distance.  We believe that the experience of Covid will only make our community stronger.  We are here for each other and are respectful to everyone in these challenging times.


 We offer strength, of course we are a gym and we will help to coach you into a stronger body, but we also offer a different kind of strength.  The strength in community, in mental and physical health, and strength in compassion.  We have always coached with love, we have always built strong community, and we have always been here to help you on your most challenging days.  Fitness does incredible things for us.  And right now, we need to be strong, we need to develop strong immune systems to fight against viruses, we need to be able to manage the stresses and fears of life and exercise is the best medicine for this.  And now more than ever we need our social lives back.

All of this is achieved at Heart and Hustle Fitness.   This is where you develop strength in all areas of your life.  Our amazing coaches will help you make Heart and Hustle a stepping stone for getting your life back, By regulating our class sizes and our ability to clean after every class, H&H will be one of the safest places you visit; remember, Heart and Hustle is your home away from home!

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