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Winning is a skill

I was on a call with Jeff Spencer yesterday; check him out if you don’t know who he is.  Jeff helped get Lance Armstrong to 7 Tour de France wins, got U2 ready to perform a world tour, and he has helped countless Olympians discover their success.  One of the first things Jeff said to me was this:

 Why would it work Now if it didn’t work Then?

We have all been down this path; we want a different result; we don’t ask for help, so we do the same thing as before and don’t get a different outcome.  This is common with Fad diets and weight loss.  We keep doing the same thing, and we keep getting the same results.

How do I change the results?

An Olympian believes that she will win the goals medal, she has surrounded herself with a team that believes in her, and she has trained her mind to shift from survival mode to champion mode.  You can do this too

You have two minds working together, the Human mind and the Champion mind.   The Human mind always defaults to survival; it doesn’t care about your goal and dreams.  This means that we turn away from our goals because our human mind is defaulting to survival mode. It’s not interested in winning.  

To lean into your champion mind, you must become aware of your human mind, and the story’s it tells.  

  • I won’t get another chance
  • It needs to be perfect
  • I’m afraid, so I won’t even try

The champion mind acknowledges these thoughts and then challenges them.  It turns away from survival mode and into winning mode by looking at the given situation from through a different lens

  • Timing is everything
  • Focus on the 1-2 things that matter now
  • I’m afraid, but I trust my readiness

Do you feel stuck?  Feel like a failure?  Like no matter what you do, nothing changes?  It’s most likely because you are leaning into your human mind; it’s ok, it’s what you know.  Stop doing what you have been doing, and take the less-travelled road. 

Let our coaches help to guide you into a winning mindset, and let’s make your dreams become a reality


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