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Motivation, do you have it?

For years I thought that motivation was something that you either had or lacked; boy, was I wrong. 

Motivation is a process that guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviours.  Motivation needs our emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual actions to come together and drive us towards our goal, whatever it may be.

You don’t have motivation; you create motivation.  YOU are responsible for the level of motivation you do or don’t have.  So if it’s something you lack, you need to find a coach to discover how to get it.

We have a member who finds it hard to get to the gym, though she averages 4-5 times a week.  When she’s feeling down and doesn’t want to come, she messages one of our coaches and tells her how she feels.  Next thing, she’s in the car on her way.   She has created her own motivation by leaning on her coaches to give her the push she needs.  And she has made it all by herself!

Heart and Hustle fitness is a coaching center where we help our members create the motivation they need to live their best lives.

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