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Have you given up on your New Years resolution?

Have you given up on your resolution already?

3 days ago, Sunday January, 19th is known as “Quitters day”

Meaning that this is the day that most people Quit their new years resolution.  Crazy right! only 19 days into the month and most people have given up on that new person they wanted to become.  

I think we have all been there, its typical of New years, we set out to change our life.  This is my year, a new me we tell ourselves, and then in a few short weeks or months, we have given up on our dreams and have reverted back to what our old ways.  That place where we are comfortable because we have been there for so long.  We’re human, most humans don’t like change  ..  …  because its scary!  

I get it, its hard to do new things, whats funny though, is that as we look back at our lives and all the things we’ve accomplished.  They all started with a Hard thing.  And after it was done I bet it made you feel really good about what you had to go through to accomplish your goal.  

A few years ago I wanted to start my own business, a gym.  and for an entire year I told everyone that I was doing it.  I set a goal, and then I just talked about it.  I had missed a crucial step,  ACTION   after an entire year I still didn’t have a gym, all I had done was talk about it.

I hadn’t done much towards opening a gym, or so I thought.  As I reviewed what I was doing, making a business plan, visiting other gyms and owners, research, reading everything I could on business and fitness.  I realized that after what I thought was a wasted year, had actually been hundreds of little steps, or ACTION, towards my goal.  And now I was ready to start looking for a space for our gym, which took another year.  

Perspective is everything, the first year felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere,  but the reality was that I was building a foundation of confidence by putting all the little pieces into place.  I was creating habits that would propel me into the next year and beyond

Resolutions lead us towards the end, not the beginning.  

Every step you take towards your goal is leading you on a new path, it takes a lot of hard work to build a road, keep laying the foundation.   Looking back often to see just how far you have come, you will be pleasantly surprised

REMEMBER, you are creating habits, 

Habits lead to change, and change makes our dreams a reality.  

don’t quit, keep making small changes and stay on track.  


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