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One of the simplest solutions for weight loss

There are lots of promises out there about a magic weight loss pill or diet.  Let me share with you a simple trick that I learn. 

Your feelings of Hunger and thirst are the same.  Yes, I understand that sometimes you feel thirsty, and others you feel hungry.  The feeling of thirst that we are used to comes when the body is dehydrated.  Most times during the day when you feel hungry, your body just wants water, not food.   But your brain recognizes that feeling as hunger.  

So how do I know if I’m hungry or thirsty?

We get these hunger feelings throughout the day, and it causes us to snack.  A lot of this snacking is a result of your body being thirsty, not hungry.

Here’s what you do:  when you feel hungry, especially outside of when you regularly eat a meal.  Add a pinch of salt to a glass of water (preferably Himalayan, not table salt) and drink it.  Then wait 5 min.  Most of the time, your hunger feelings will go away because you were just thirsty.  If your still hungry, then your hungry and have a healthy snack.

This simple trick will make a massive shift in your weight loss journey, and you will begin to see the numbers drop. 

Hint:    keep a small container of Himalayan salt in your bag or purse, so its always on you.  

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