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Overworked? what have you stopped doing?

Overworked?  I get it

It’s been ten months now, and when I talk to those around me, I’m getting a similar message.  

I’m exhausted, frustrated, overworked, and I just want this to be over.  

The underlying message here is pain. We are living in a constant state of pain that is either emotional, mental or physical, or some combination.  

Most have stopped with their stress management, using COVID as an excuse.   We have come to a point where we need to take back SELF CARE.  We need to start putting ourselves first so that we CAN manage all of the external stresses that are weighing so heavy on us right now.  

If you are too stressed and overwhelmed with work, then how do you think your performing?  You can’t possibly be putting out your best if you’re not at your best. 

There should never be an excuse to put yourself first.  Your health must be your number 1 priority if you wish to give your best to others, family included. 

There is always time to Move, Eat healthy, sleep & recover, and practice mindfulness.  

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