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Do you still play? You should!

This past weekend I took some time for me, something that hasn’t happened a whole lot in the last few years.  When I was 23, I took off to travel the world.  I didn’t really have a plan and things changed by the day.  It was an incredible experience filled with all kinds of adventure. 

At one point in my travels I thought it would be a good idea to try to hitch a ride on a boat. 

Now, up until that point in my life I had never stepped foot on a sailboat, let alone try to sail one. 

None the less I was willing to give it a go.  After a few failed attempts I was able to convince the security at a Yacht club in Singapore to let me do a dock walk to ask for a ride.   A week later, a Captain said yes, and we set sail.  I spent the next 3 months living on a sailboat crossing the Indian ocean. 

Sailing holds a special place in my heart, my first Captain taught me a lot about taking risks and living your dreams.  So, when one of my fellow firefighters bought a sailboat, I was ecstatic.   This past weekend we took his boat on the water, the nostalgia sank in and I became lost in the wind.   I was stuck in the moment, I was doing something I loved with no distractions and I realized what I have been missing, Play.

I couldn’t remember when I had played last.  I used to play a lot as an adult and lately I found myself drifting away from it. 

We sailed out to Beausoleil Island in Georgian Bay.  We got off on the Island where we intended to spend the day.  We found some trails, very soon I found myself running the trails, up and down the Canadian shield, through juniper bushes, over rocks and stumps.  I was playing just like when I was a kid running through the forest.  We ran around the Island, swam through bays, found the perfect spot to cliff dive and we even searched for snakes and bears. 

I played; and it felt amazing.  It was exactly what I needed, it helped me escape from the stresses of COVID and it allowed me to clear my mind.   I felt alive, and It’s driven me to find ways to play.

So, let me ask you; when is the last time you played?

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