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Problems sleeping? There’s a solution for that

Night after night, I would wake up around 2-3 am and not get back to sleep.  I’d burn the candle at both ends, working late to get as much work done as possible and then stay up late.  Being tired became my identity; I took pride in telling everyone how tired I was due to how much I worked. 

The reality was I felt like garbage. I hated it.  All I was doing was working; I wasn’t taking care of myself.

Little did I know that exercise and a few minutes would change my life forever.

The 2 things that brought my sleep back

  1. Exercise:  I started to exercise regularly and made sure that I was adding three days a week of aerobic activity.  At first, I didn’t notice much, but I kept at it.  3-4 months in, and I woke up one morning at 6:30 am, and it felt amazing.  Exercising one time or even for a few weeks isn’t enough to see the effects

2. Meditation:  If your mind races in the middle of the night, you are not alone.  Fortunately, we all can tame a racing mind through meditation.  I have heard many excuses for meditation “I have ADD” or “I tried it, and it doesn’t work.”  Meditation is a muscle; you have to train it.  You didn’t walk the first time you tried; you have to stick with it

Move your body and calm your mind, 2 things we can all do.  66 days is what it takes to establish a new routine. 

Would you rather get a little uncomfortable for 66 days or remain not sleeping for the rest of your life?

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