To us at Heart and Hustle, CrossFit is Community. It’s about breaking down barriers and overcoming obstacles. It’s about helping and encouraging those around us to find our best, true selves. CrossFit teaches us that any obstacle can be conquered through hard work, determination, commitment, and with the love and support of others.

CrossFit is a functional strength & conditioning program meant to optimize physical competence. CrossFit is for everyone, it prepares you to properly move your body through life’s tasks. Our Team of Ninjas can S​cale​​ or Modify​​ each movement to suit your personal needs no matter what your previous background in exercise and athletics may be.​

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What to expect in a class:

First, expect every class to be different, life constantly changes so we’re best to be prepared! Every class begins with a dynamic warm up to get the body warm and moving, don’t be surprised if we throw in a few games from time to time. Next we work on S​trength Training ​​and Skill Work. L​​earning proper technique is essential to healthy living. Then comes the ​WOD (​​ ​Workout Of the Day​) where we work on Metabolic Conditioning. Now you’ve completed a well rounded workout and it’s time to stretch it out!

New to CrossFit?

Now’s the time to try! For those new to CrossFit we put you through our ​ON-Ramp program. On-Ramp is done in a one on one setting and varies between​ ​1 – 4 sessions depending on your individual needs​. We ​will teach you all ​the fundamental movements of CrossFit in a comfortable and safe environment!

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