Hustle… ​what is Hustle? Our Hustle class gets you active, sweating, feeling amazing about yourself! Hustle classes focus on cardio, endurance, metabolic conditioning and strength.

These classes are based on the methodology of ‘Functional Fitness’! This methodology focuses on training our bodies with exercise that replicate everyday tasks so that we can we move easier through life. Improving our Functional Fitness helps us in all areas of our day-to-day whether it be picking up groceries, shoveling snow, cutting the lawn or picking up a child. Hustle is ​designed for absolutely everyone! We provide the Workout Of the Day, you select your weights, and we will modify and scale the movements so that they work for you. ​ ​With the use of free weights and metabolic conditioning you get an amazing full body workout with no down time.

Here’s a class break down:

Warm up

The class warms up together, getting our bodies moving by using a number of dynamic and functional movements. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing a game or two!
The movements for the workout are then demonstrated by one of our Ninjas (Coaches), allowing us to focus on technique and address the individual needs within the class. ​ If you find a movement needs to be scaled or changed just let your Ninja know while everyone else is off grabbing their equipment and they will customize your workout!


Once the movements have been taught we are on our way. The workouts are never the same, we are always changing the movements, repetitions, and style of the Hustle workouts; you never know what life will throw at you so its best to be prepared! Throughout the workout our Ninjas address your individual needs, ensuring your technique is on point and that you are moving safely through your workout.

Cool Down

Once the workout has finished, the class spends some time stretching the muscles we just used. If you have any questions, this is a great time to ask your Ninja!

Our Hustle classes are a maximum of 20 people per class and 40 minutes long.

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