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Questions and possibilities

 I want you to ask yourselves a few questions right now:

–       Do you feel overworked, stressed, and Zoomed out?

–       Have you spoken to someone about what you’re going through mentally?

–       Have you been moving your body daily?

–       Have you been too tired to cook and over-indulging in fast food?

Taking control of our health has never been more important than at this moment.  You know this, but are you acting on it?  As our lives get more complicated, we begin to feel overwhelmed, and then we often neglect ourselves.  We stop listening to our bodies, and instead, listen to our calendars, phones, kids, bosses, deadlines, bank accounts, etc.  We seek answers outside of ourselves, and that causes us to disconnect from who we are, which makes us feel even worse.  It’s a cycle.

Changing habits is never easy, but neither is being overworked. Dealing with fatigue and stress from our work lives, the perils of a poor diet, or neglecting our mental health – these are all hard things to live with every day. Learning to listen to your body after years of ignoring it is sometimes difficult, but it is possible and it will change your life.  I promise.  Whether you choose to change, or choose to stay the same – life is going to be hard.  You can choose which “hard” thing you want to invest your energy into. 

I’ve got another question for you: do you owe more to your work, or to yourself?

Too many of us think we need to put in 12- and 14-hour days, working like dogs to “get somewhere.”  I know I’ve done it.  I took pride in the fact that I could endure these long hours, put all of myself on the table for my job, and prove I was worth something.  I did it for years, but what was I left with?  Stress, fatigue, back pain, poor diet, depression, and a sense of emptiness at times.  I felt like a bag of garbage.  I wasn’t making much progress towards my goals, and I definitely wasn’t present for my family or myself.

When I go to therapy for my head, move my body, and eat a diet that supports my goals, I am living optimally.  I feel like I can take over the world; that anything is possible.  Ask yourself what is possible right now in your future?  Now, ask yourself if you changed your diet, your movement, or your approach to self-care and mental health in some way, would more things be possible?  Could your future be changed for the better if you chose to change right now? If you’re not feeling great about where you’re at in life right now, you have to change it up, and we can help you navigate that change. 

We specialize in coaching at Heart & Hustle, so when you are ready to open up your life to more possibilities; to have a brighter future; to connect with your body, and to make better health choices – reach out, and we will help you get started on your path to change.


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