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Remove the Clutter

I cleaned my house yesterday and took out all the old THINGS sitting around for months or years without being touched.  I took carloads of donations, recycle or to the dump.  I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to get the clutter out.  In the past, I would hold on to these things out of sentiment.  Yesterday, however, I let go, and it feels incredible.  I have kept a few things that I genuinely love, but the rest are just memories, and I still have them.

Getting rid of YOUR clutter

What holds us back from our ultimate potential? It’s us; we get in our way too often.  I have spent more than the last decade working on myself, focusing on my dreams and becoming the best version of myself every day.  As I moved through my house yesterday removing the clutter, I made a connection.   I felt stuck for years like I wasn’t getting what I wanted in life; I was cluttered.  I couldn’t sleep, got angry often; I was my harshest critic.  I had so much clutter inside of me that needed to be removed.   Its taken years, with the most significant shifts happening this year.  I tried to declutter my life externally, and as I look back now, I can see that it wasn’t nearly as effective.

I turned inward, found practices that worked for me, and got help along the way. I leaned into the hard; it wasn’t easy.  A massive weight is has lifted off my shoulders as I let go of the objects in my house yesterday.  I finally got rid of some of the things taking up space in my home for the past seven years.  I was pushing through belief structures; I was elevating myself into new territory to take on new adventures that I didn’t believe were possible before.  

The internal work is now showing on the outside. Real change starts inside, “change the mind, and the body will follow.”   

As I remove the clutter, it has allowed for new energy to enter, and I can now sit in peace and focus.   Our environment shapes who we are. Some small changes in our external environment can have significant results in our internal environments. 

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