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Santa is real, and I have proof!

I’m 36 years-old, and every Christmas I still get excited about Santa.  Though some of my belief comes from that child-like excitement I can still feel now, I find as an adult, I also tend to feed off of the energy my kids have – together, we believe.  This year my 7 year-old is starting to question his existence.  I am struggling with how I could possibly give her permission not to believe in something that I believe in so strongly myself?

I’ve chosen Santa as an example of something magical – something that you must believe in, even without evidence – which is difficult for many.  These sorts of mystical people; events; miracles; and stories are common in many of the world’s religions, and they require one common intangible tool: faith.  It can be a loaded word, but at its core, it’s essentially a word about having trust and confidence in someone or something.  It is faith that helps us to drive towards our goals.  The idea that we are confident we can achieve that goal is the part that requires our faith, and once we achieve the goal it reinforces that trust and builds upon itself.  Each time we see a goal to fruition, we are proving to ourselves that the trust isn’t misplaced.  You become a generator of more faith, as long as you keep working on those goals, learning from your mistakes, and seeing your own progress.

How many times have you gone on a diet? Or started an exercise routine on a Monday, only to fail by Thursday?  The failure comes when we stop believing that it’s working.  When we are focused on fast fixes and seeing external results, we lose track of the process that generates our faith that happens internally.  Inside ourselves.

In most areas of our lives – especially as adults – we only believe in what we can see, hear, or touch.  That child-like belief we once had in Santa seems to become much less credible when we grow up and start to question what is real and what is not. We often lose a connection to our inner self that once brought us such joy.  I’m here to tell you that there is room for faith in your life.  You need to have faith in your own unknown potential.  Reconnect with that part of yourself that didn’t need confirmation or evidence of everything you experienced being real; and take time to just believe in you and all the things you could achieve if you just simply stopped telling yourself it could never be possible based on evidence from your past experiences.  Have faith that you can change.  Remember a time in your life when you knew how to believe in the unknown, and just blindly trust that you are capable of anything you can imagine. 

If you have faith you can change your lifestyle, changing your weight, or adjusting your state of mind, you will see those beliefs come true in your reality.  All you have to do is start believing in you and showing up for yourself every day, and you’ll be amazed at what happens.  If you believe, you will receive!

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