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Sick of New Years resolutions? Me too

“You cannot experience something is you don’t have the necessary sensitivity, and you cannot develop the sensitivity without going through a long string of experiences”   – Yuval Noah Harari

You don’t become an astronaut overnight, you don’t learn a language in an hour, and you don’t learn to walk overnight. 

It takes time to develop new skills; a long string of experiences is needed to create a new habit. 

This time of year, we spend much time looking back and looking ahead.  We typically put off our goals due to the holiday season –  we make an excuse  –  then we get upset about what we didn’t accomplish this year  – why not focus on what you did accomplish?  – and we set a plan for the upcoming year  –  and wait!

We wait

We wait for the magical ball to drop on new years to do the same thing we have done for decades and expecting a different result.   Yet year after year, within a few weeks, the January 1st, the resolution is already out the window.  You’ve already given up on your goal and are already planning for next year. 

The beauty of waking up in the morning is that you have a fresh start, a new opportunity to begin.  We are always waiting for the right moment. 

Start now, or chances are you never will

Don’t wait for a magical unicorn, be the magical unicorn and place yourself now.  It takes time to develop a new skill and habit, and it doesn’t make sense to wait to start. 

Ps  –  We hope you had a wonderful holiday season

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