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Sitting is the new smoking

Have you heard this one yet?  If you work in an office or work from home, then there is a good chance that you sit for most of your day.  In the last four months, I have sat more than I have in the previous four years, and I’m starting to feel it.

Here is what a typical day might look like:

Sleep for 8 hours

Work for 8 hours

Watch TV for 3 hours

Eat meals 2 hours

Ask yourself, how do you feel?  ….    .. how does your body feel?   Your mind?   Your emotions?  The way we think is directly related to what we do.   If you are in pain, it could be because you aren’t moving enough? Same thing with a lack of energy.  More movement will give you more energy; it will help to clear your mind so you can focus, and it helps to deal with the emotional stresses in life.  

We are a species designed to move our bodies, and our capabilities are incredible.  Humans are continually pushing the limits of what OUR bodies can do.   When you strip away everything, your culture, mind, spirit, your left with a pile of muscles and bones, that pile is the same; it possesses the same capabilities, there are very few exceptions. 

There is a compelling statement I heard once,  “when you stop, you die”   We all make choices in life and moving your body should be one of them.  If you work from home or at a desk all day, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your body moving. 

Every 30 min, get up and walk around

Every other hour, stand at your desk instead of sit

Schedule a walk, even 5 min on your lunch break

These are all simple tasks you can do that will help to relieve pain and enforce good habits.  We all know that parent or grandparent who is stuck in a chair and has a hard time just getting around the house.  My grandfather stopped moving his body 20 years ago; I’ve watched his quality of life diminish over the years; he is now confined to a wheelchair with no quality to his life.

We can spend years of our life dying, our we can live until the very end; the choice is yours! 


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