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Lets look on the Bright Side !

It has been over 3 months that we have been living in quarantine now.  We have changed, we have adapted and we had found new ways to do the things we love.

Creativity has blossomed over that last 3 months as humans have always been masters of adaptation. 

When socialization was taken away, we found new ways to connect online

Couldn’t go to the gym, we brought it to your house

And when your favourite restaurant’s closed, they delivered your food to you

We were forced to stop  … .. and once we were able to settle the stress of the unknown, we started to discover what was always there

The birds have always chirped, only now do we hear them

Our neighbours have always been willing to help out, now they are

We always called our parents, only now does it mean so much more

You have could alway exercised at home, now you are

The love and compassion has always been there inside of us all, and its taking a pandemic to rebirth it into a new light. 

I encourage you to find the positives that COVID has brought us, there are many and they are all around us. 

The simple act of practicing Bright spots everyday will help to shift your mindset and help you to focus on the positive. This has been a practice at Heart and Hustle from day 1, we are always trying to look on the bright side of life.

We can help you find your bright spots  @ heart and hustle

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