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Stretching and fitting it in!

Why is stretching so hard?

We mostly know what we are supposed to do in our lives to get to where we want to be. Its DOING it that becomes the hard part.

As athletes we want to do the fun stuff, in sport we want to play the game, at the gym we want to do the workout.
Life is busy and we prioritize the things we want to do. We do the workout because its a place where we are comfortable its the fun stuff. We get in a little bit of stretching during the warm up and cool down but for most of us we don’t do nearly enough of it.
We don’t feel we have enough TIME in our day to do it. The reality is that we aren’t prioritizing our stretching / mobility, we are prioritizing our workout.

If you aren’t flexible, your workouts will struggle. You won’t reach your full potential and you will be further away from 100% healthy than you would if your were flexible

Our bodies need to be mobilized, especially in today society. Most of us spend a lot of our days sitting. At a computer, in a car on the couch!
As we sit our muscles rest, and they get used to resting. This causes our muscles to tighten up and a result of this type of lifestyle can be injury. Injury is something we all want to avoid yet most don’t got to any great length to help prevent it from happening. A few extra minutes at the end of a workout can make a world of difference not just in your performance, but in your safety.

Our bodies are woven together by our muscles. Not one of our muscles works completely independently. So not stretching out one area can have an affect on another area of our bodies.
Not stretching causes tightness in our muscles, the tight muscles pull on our joints which can lead to joints pain or a muscle tear.
Living in Canada theres a chance that you know someone who has injured themselves slipping on ice. Your chance of injury in this incident could be decreased by simply being more flexible. Flexibility won’t prevent the fall, but it will allow your body to to get into awkward positions with a lower risk of injury and possibly avoiding an injury or a muscle tear.


5-10 minutes a day can be the difference of not getting injured and improving your workouts. An injury will set you back and prolong you from reaching your goals, is that what you want?

To help make this a priority you can tell yourself this:

before I leave the gym, I will stretch for 5 minutes, NONE NEGOTIABLE! Find a gym buddy to help hold you accountable, and a simple text: have you stretched today? can be the difference you need to get that much closer to a healthier life.

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