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The Foundation of health

When we discuss Fitness, there is a Theoretical Hierarchy of development that displays the elements of Fitness and how they contribute to one’s development.  The diagram below is a great visual of how different aspects of Fitness relate to one another. However, something is missing from this Triangle.   For some reason, when we discuss one’s health and Fitness, this fundamental aspect always seems to be left out or overlooked. 

At no point in the Triangle is any mention of mindset.   How is one able to achieve and learn any of these skills without the right mindset? For example: If we aren’t taught how to learn about nutrition, how can we succeed?  You can’t.  And if you have never learned how to learn, then good luck.  The most success in our learning comes from understanding where our beliefs come from.  If you have struggled with weight loss, for example, do you know why? I believe you will never achieve your full potential if you do not understand where your beliefs come from and why they are there.   Most of our beliefs have been imposed ON us by our upbringing, and they control our mindset because they are habit-based.   These beliefs are the root of your existence; if something is holding you back from your dreams, it is your belief structure.

I bring this up because I see it all the time.  I’ve watched people fail or simply give up trying to establish a fitness routine or achieve their weight loss goals.  They don’t fail because they didn’t try hard enough; they failed because their current belief structures are not aligned with what they want in life.  The sad part is they don’t realize it.

In the Triangle above, you can see the Mindset is the Foundation of Health.

I believe that nothing new can come if you don’t develop the mindset around it.   Understand that nutrition IS a foundation of Health and Fitness.  Your food supports your body and mind in all its endeavours.  But if you don’t have the tools to change your diet, how will one make that happen?

Your success comes from within; If you wish to change your life, you have to know what’s holding you back.  And is all starts with mindset.  Learn to control your mind, and your limits will start to disappear!

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