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The Power of Personal Training

A new PR (personal record), our members get these all the time; sometimes, it means doing an exercise they have never done before, a new weight on a specific lift, or an improved time on a benchmark workout.   Whatever it is, its always a celebration, and it should be.  These members have taken one step closer to living their dreams by becoming a better version of themselves. 

One of our members, Kristen, recently had her 3rd child.  Kristen did not want to let her children control her life; she wanted to take it back.  So the minute she could start exercising again, she did.  Choosing to start with personal training allowed Kristen to achieve her goals faster.  When she started, she did a benchmark workout; she finished with a time of 21:34.  Now only three months later, she finished that same workout with a time of 16:55.  That’s a difference of well over 4 and a half minutes; that’s not just good, it’s incredible! 

When Kristen decided to put herself first, she became a better athlete, a better partner and a better mother.   She’s gained the energy, strength and abilities to continue reaching her goals and dreaming bigger dreams.

If Kristen’s story inspired you, we would love to help you reach your goals.  For more info on personal training, book a Free Intro, and we can get you started today!


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