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The secret to consistent exercise!

I asked a question yesterday to the class at the end of our workout. 

What were you thinking towards the end of the workout?

There was a mixture of answers: Burpees, don’t stop, just one more rep, FML, its almost over!

There is always a thought that’s going through our minds; we associate a feeling with thought.  At the end of a workout, if you are thinking, “I’m done, I can’t do anymore,” the feeling associated with this thought could be sadness or disappointment.  This feeling of disappointment could arise because your mind immediately goes to failure.  The body is tired, it wants to quit, and you let your mind succumb to the body’s desires.

If you find this feeling of disappointment, often, you must first work to change your thoughts before you can change your actions.

How do I change my thoughts?

 Just like trying to build strength, you must train your mind to think differently.

You must know WHY you want to achieve your goal, why you exercise.  If you cannot connect a reason to what you are doing, why are you doing it?

My WHY, is that I want to water ski behind my boat when I’m 90 years old.  Yesterday was a challenging workout for me; in the first 2min, my foot cramped up on me, and I couldn’t run anymore; it made me upset, but I continued.  With 10 minutes left of a 30-minute workout, I felt I was done; I didn’t want to keep going.  My first thought was that my foot hurts, so it’s ok if I just stop.  That’s when the disappointment set in; my foot wasn’t preventing me from finishing; it felt better; my mind was just playing tricks.  The next thought that entered my mind was this:

“what does the 90-year-old Me need me to do right now”

The key to changing your thoughts is to imagine the results

That thought alone got me to put my head down and finish with more effort than I had been putting into it. 

When you understand WHY you are doing something, you can start to imagine what the result will be and how it will feel.

The key to changing your thoughts is to imagine the results.  Imagine what the result will feel like, how will it sound, what will it look like, what will you look like?   When you start to imagine and feel your dreams, your thoughts begin to shift towards them, and your thoughts create your actions.


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