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The Top 3 things members say about Us

When we ask our members what they loved about Heart and Hustle we were a little surprised to hear what they said.   We expected their answers to be related to our workouts and fitness. Turns out they are getting way more than what They expected when they joined.

Here’s what they had to say;


This one blew us away, our members come to us because it’s a place where they feel they belong.  It’s a home away from home; a place of comfort and safety.  Our members have found a new family in our team and each other.  We see our members golf together, have dinner parties and have play dates with their kids.  We always wanted people to come to the gym, we just never knew it would become a home away from home for many of our members.


We have heard time and time again how comfortable people are being at Heart and Hustle.  When we asked why our members told us it’s because they feel accepted.  There is no judgment within our walls, our members come with love and compassion.  They accept everyone for the unique (and awesome) individual that they are.   When we made the choice to drop our affiliation with CrossFit due to racist comments made its Founder, we had an outpour of support from our community and we also had people begin with us because we had made the decision to stick to our values.  

A New Life

This may sound a little cliché, but it’s what we hear.   Our members tell us how their life has changed since joining.  They have more energy to spend quality with their kids, more focus in their professions, and are overall happier with their lives.  They attribute this to the environment that Heart and Hustle provide for them.  They have learned, through Fitness and community, that they can achieve goals, they can get back lost energy and they can find happiness in their lives. 

We aren’t just a regular gym, at Heart and Hustle, we specialize in coaching our members to a happier, healthier life.   You’ll come in for fitness, we will provide that, but you’ll stay for the newfound happiness.

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