Nutrition information (some reliable, some not) is more readily available than ever. Yet people continue to struggle to meet their health and fitness goals, because the science of nutrition is complex, and there is no effective “one size fits all” program. That’s why we developed Fuel.

The Registered Dietitians at Thrive Nutrition get fitness because they live it. They understand the challenges of working healthy eating into a busy lifestyle, and they have the education, knowledge and experience to design your nutrition plan to meet your goals. We partnered with Thrive because they know their stuff and we want to bring it to you.

Read below to see which package is right for you!

Fuel Go!


  • 1 Initial Nutrition Assessment (60 minutes) **
  • 1 Follow-up Consultation (30 minutes) **

Maybe you just need a nutrition tune-up; someone to check in on what you’re doing, refine your plan, and get you on your way. If that’s you, you need Fuel Go!. One of our Registered Dietitians will assess your current nutrition, exercise and lifestyle and give you strategies to get them in line with your fitness goals. You’ll have a specific action plan, and one follow-up session to make sure you’re on track and refine your plan if needed.

Fuel Health


  • 1 Initial Nutrition Assessment (60 minutes) **
  • 3 Follow-up Consultations (30 minutes) **
  • 1 Nutrient Analysis

If you’re looking to improve your body composition or weight, boost your energy (and mood!), manage a health condition, manage emotional eating or simply learn to eat well to take care of your body, Fuel Health is for you. After a thorough Nutrition Assessment, your Dietitian will set you up with a specific nutrition plan that’s tailored to your goals. You will leave your first session with an action plan, and follow-up sessions will keep you on-track and accountable, progressively building on your goals until healthy eating becomes your new normal.

Fuel Performance


  • 1 Initial Nutrition Assessment (60 minutes) **
  • 4 Follow-up Consultations (30 minutes) **
  • 1 Customized Meal Plan
  • Supplement recommendations
  • 2 Nutrient Analyses
  • 3 Body Composition Analyses

Fuel Performance is designed for the competitive or recreational athlete who wants to get the most out of their workouts and lifestyle to perform at their full potential. Your Registered Dietitian will work with you to help you increase your strength and endurance, build lean muscle, reach an optimal body fat percentage, and perform like a beast. The Initial Nutrition Assessment will look at every aspect of your lifestyle, and you will receive a customized meal plan to show you exactly how to eat to reach your goals. Follow-up sessions will keep you on track and refine your plan. Extras include supplement recommendations, 2 nutrient analyses, and 3 body composition analyses to make sure you’re getting the results you’re after.

Registered Dietitian services are covered under many extended health insurance plans. Take advantage of your benefits, and check to see if your Fuel Package will be covered.


** Please note that assessments and consultations must be used within a calendar year of registering.