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What you are doing RIGHT with your diet

As I sit with people in our no sweat into’s, to chat about their goals and how we can help them.  I hear the same thing over and over; I want to lose weight.  We are always looking ahead for something we should be doing, instead of focusing on what we are already doing.

The feelings of failure are overwhelming, and knowing that your family might not like some new changes is scary.  What’s more terrifying, preparing healthy meals for you and your family  –  or continuing on a path of unhealthy eating that’s leading to depression and self-hate?

I’ll share one of the best lessons I ever received

Momentum creates Momentum

It takes incredible amounts of energy and effort to get a train moving up to top speed.   Once it gets going, there is no stopping it.  Your diet is just like that train.   Every little bit of good you do helps to build into other healthy eating habits, and over time the good replaced the bad. 

Start looking for the momentum you already have going; drinking water, eating veggies, going to bed before midnight.  You are doing right now with your diet that is positive—start building on that habit, one step at a time. 

Would you instead take 2 years creating the life you have always dreamed of, or the rest of your life regretting never making the changes you needed to?

At Heart and Hustle we have helped hundreds of people become a better version of themselves and start living their dreams.  You can book a No Sweat Intro and start changing your life today!


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