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When the going get tough, the tough gets going

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

This saying had meaning,

Life isn’t always easy, if it were it wouldn’t be much fun

Adversity help you discover what you are capable of, if you were never faced with a challenge you wouldn’t learn, grow or have the confidence to take on more challenges

Life sets you up for success, you entrance into this world is not an easy one.  The very first thing you must do is navigate through a tiny hole being pushed, pulled and squished, your skull has to dislocate in order for you to come out the other side.  Remember, you don’t even know how to crawl let alone walk at this point.   If your reading this, you made it and for the first year of your life everything you did was a challenge, but you kept coming back for more. 

Life can be all you want it to be …   … accept what comes at you, and use your magic to turn it into your dreams!


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