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Where did the motivation go?

Do you know what motivates you to move your body?  Are you sure if it?

Loss of motivation has been a huge reason why many people stopped moving their bodies and exercising in 2020, and though we are in a new year, not much has changed.

What was your motivation before this pandemic started?

To become healthier?

To maintain your health?

To lose weight?

Were you training for a race or event?

We are all motivated by different things; what I have heard more than ever this year is this

“with the gyms closed, I’ve lost my motivation.”

In my years spent helping others discover their goals and find motivation in their life, going to the gym has never come up as the source of motivation.

Avoiding diabetes, not wanting to have another heart attack, and training for a marathon to help raise money for cancer after losing a loved one are often things I hear.  They have deep-rooted emotions attached to them.  But not once has a person’s motivation been the physical location of the gym. 

A gym is a tool, but it’s not the only one.  There are only 2 things you NEED to exercise….  Ready!

  1. Yourself
  2. Motivation

That’s it; there are too many treadmills that collect more dust than they do kilometres.  You don’t NEED a gym or equipment  – your body is an incredible machine.

You must continue to ask yourself WHY  –   why do you want to exercise?  What does it mean to you, your health and the health of your family?

I want to water ski behind my boat when I’m 90; as silly as this may sound, it’s my primary source of motivation.  Every time I don’t want to exercise, or I want to eat the entire pie.  I think of this image, skiing behind my boat at 90.   It keeps me on track

I need to live a life of optimal health to achieve my goal, and this goal runs deep into all areas of my life. 

What’s your motivation? 

Ps  – I’m more than happy to help you discover your motivation, whether you’re a Heart and Hustle member or not; I just want to help you because I know how beneficial exercise is.

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