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Who can fix me?

Many people go through life searching for a magic pill, one that can fix all the problems that life throws at you.  In our industry marketers have been promising this magic pill for years.   That’s the problem, they are having to continually come up with a new pill, diet or exercise that’s going to make all of your weight disappear, your muscles bulge, and your 6 pack pop overnight.  Such a thing doesn’t exist, or does it?

We are continuously looking externally for help; we want someone or something else to change us.  This is where our largest hurdle lies.  Others can help us, it’s up to us to change ourselves.

No one can fix you  –  only YOU can fix YOU

You are the magic pill and as soon as you can realize that, you can start to fix whatever problem it is your working on, your weight, strength, mental health, reading, a new language it doesn’t matter. 

The key to success is having a COMPELLING REASON to do so.  You must discover why is important to you to lose weight, built strength, exercise and become healthy.  When you discover your reason, the weight will start to fall off, and you will begin to change the course of your life. 

Everything you need to do to fix your problem is already inside of you.  You are your answer to your biggest challenges in life.   The help we need comes from other’s, coaches, doctors and awesome friends, but the change comes from you.  

Start searching inward for change, and outward for help


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