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Why do you workout?

I workout so that I can eat garbage

I hear this statement all too often, the reason I workout is so that I can eat whatever I want.  If you have ever felt like your stuck, and wondered why you are not progressing fast enough, this message could be the reason.   Now I like to eat, I enjoy good food, and I enjoy food that tastes good.  We must understand that these 2 things, good food and food that tastes good don’t always align.   What we eat must support what we do, and if you want to do amazing things, healthy diet will help get you there. 

I work out so I can eat garbage  – I got this from a friends T-shirt and under the sentence there was a picture of a racoon, it’s an awesome shirt.  It got me thinking because I know I have heard this sentence, in a few different way, hundreds of times.  The story gives us permission to eat whatever we want, knowing that its unhealth and steering us further away from our goals. With such a slight shift in perspective, your mindset around food completely changes.  

 We go from – working out so I can eat whatever I want  –  To eating a full salad and grilled organic chicken so that I can finish the half marathon I signed up for.

There is always another perspective, taking a look from a new angle can completely change the course of your journey and life.  We often talk about how our diet needs to support our lifestyle, well so does our mindset.  The way you think about your diet and what is supporting is what sets you up for success 

So, is your diet supporting your lifestyle?


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