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Why Fathers need to Exercise

I’m one of the lucky ones, I have a great relationship with my father and with my father in-law.  Both of these men have had been integral in my upbringing and they are responsible for helping to shape who I am today. 

A bit about me

My Father was always there for me as a kid growing up.  He always encouraged my brothers and I to be happy and to follow our dreams.  He wasn’t really big on lecturing us, rather he lead by example.  Dad played hockey, so we played.   At first it was for fun, but 30 years later it has lead to a life of health and happiness.   My Father and Mother started to lay the foundation of healthy living right from the start.  And this grew in part from my Dad’s love for hockey.

I met my wife in high school, and I have known her family for over half of my life now.  My father was a bit stricter than Garry (my father in-law).  Dad ran his own business and carried a lot of stress because if it.  Then you throw 4 boys into the mix and life becomes just a tad more stressful then it used to be. 

Garry was a big inspiration in my life.  He showed me that I could work really hard towards my goals while having a blast doing it.  He showed me that life can be fun, and it’s up to you to make it fun.  Garry has always been a great athlete, even into his 60’s he has bought a kite board, he exercises on the regular and frequently goes back country skiing- always showing up the 25 year old’s. 

Benefits of Fathers exercising

There’s a long list of the benefits to exercise:
  • increases blood circulation
  • decrease stress and depression
  • decreases inflammation
  • improves your cardiovascular system
  • deceases your risk of heart attack
  • helps to regulate blood pressure
  • increases energy levels
  • preventative against diabetes
  • and helps to manage arthritis

Exercise combats the leading diseases and complication that Fathers and men alike have to deal with every day.   And when a complication affects a parent, it effects the entire family. 

Positivity breads positivity; let us not forget this vital rule of life.  Fathers who exercise get to have fun with their kids, they continue to play the sports they love, they get to play and enjoy their grandkids, they have a healthier sex drive, and they the experience less pain.

How Fathers benefit the most from exercise

Fathers get to be leaders, and when they exercise a Father gets to lead their children to a life of health and happiness, 2 targets on every adults list.

I have been blessed to have lived this firsthand.  I was never forced to think about why I needed to exercise.  Very early in my life it became a fun, my parents instilled the habit of exercise that would be carried through generations.  

When you play sport, walk, run or exercise frequently chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine are released in you body.  These chemicals play an important role in regulating your mood and level of happiness. 

“Children have never been very good at listening to their parents, but they have never failed to imitate them.”  James Baldwin

Your child’s health and happiness are dependent on the action you choose to make.  The earlier you choose health and happiness, that harder it will be for your child to pull away from it.  We are creatures of habit and I think we all know how hard it can be to break a Habit. 

Lessons learned

Both of my Fathers have taught me valuable lessons in life, and I can tie them all back to fitness and health.

  • Passion – from career and sport
  • Education – a healthy diet fuels the mind and I love for learning
  • Romance – My father has always expressed his love for my mother
  • Fun – exercise should be fun, sports as a kid to surfing with my father in-law
  • Leadership – coaching my teams as a kid and leading by example
  • Community – Both the fathers in my life have lots of friends, most they play sports with
  • Risk taking – I was pushed through sport to try new things, I’ll elaborate below
Taking Risk of all types

Exercise can teach you how to take risks, my Father in-law showed me this through sport.  A world champion in Firefighter Combat Challenge and made a Pro Football Team lead him to a career as a firefighter and putting his life on the line every single day.  The way his body and mind were shaped through fitness allowed him to excel and lead him to traveling the world trying out extreme sports wherever he lands.

My Father learned teamwork and community from sport, this path allowed him to take the risk to open a business, putting his house and money on the line.  I watched my Father face many adversities in his life, and I watched him overcome them.  Hockey was his outlet; it was his stress management tool. 

I take all these risks, in sport and in business all for me, so each day I can be a better Father.  I can show my children that they too can live their dreams happily and healthy. 

So, to all the Fathers out there, you owe it to yourselves First, and next to your children.  If we want to be able to give our best, we must be our best. 

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Thank You to all the amazing Fathers raising the next generation of Superheroes!


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