I love this question, first off don’t be fooled by “This week’s trend”.  There are lots of proven methods out there to help you get a 6 pack.  And the best method is time and consistency.  You need to spend the time developing your core, and creating health dietary habits consistently over time to have any hope of getting your dream 6 pack. 

So it isn’t that running won’t help you get that 6 pack you’ve always wanted, It’s just not the only contributing factor.  

Running, especially for distance is an aerobic activity, this means that your body will start to burn off fat as you get into an aerobic state.  You will also start to burn off muscle, this is the reason that marathon runners are so lean.  It also doesn’t necessarily mean that a marathon runner will have a six pack, but they might.  Sound a little confusing?  

What I’m trying to get at is that you can’t just do 1 singular thing to magically get a six pack.  If you enjoy running, or if Running gets you started on your fitness journey then awesome!  Now we can start to work on improving your running. 

 Having a strong core will do wonders for your running.  It will provide you with great posture and help you to maintain that posture throughout your run, preventing you from getting injured.  

A well developed core will help your body use the proper muscles needed for any given activity or movement.  Sometimes our body uses muscles that aren’t indented for a specific movement and having a weak core can be a contributing factor here.  

Having over all core strength will greatly improve your overall health as well as improving your performance in any given activity.  

Running alone isn’t going to give you the 6 pack you desire, it will however play a role in getting you there!